Childrens Church




  AGES 2 to 5th GRADE      




These lessons incorporate a movie studio theme with action
packed games and activities to teach children the importance of God's word and
living daily for God.

Children's Church is church for kids! It's a time for kids to
discover Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching that is developed and
instructed so all children can learn in their own way. Children's Church is
offered during the Sunday morning worship service. All kids attend the regular
service for morning praise and worship. After praise and worship parents will
take their children ages 2 to 3 to the old chapel and children 4 through 5th
grade to the fellowship hall. Children
are taken to Sunday School right from Children's Church and parents may pick
them up from the Sunday School rooms after the service. If you are a first time
visitor, please stop by the check-in area as you enter the fellowship hall to
fill out a KIDCENTRAL form and receive your WELCOME packet!



 kidscentral.gif - 23.51 Kb

*Please fill out and keep updated a KidCentral form. This form contains vital information that
will help the teacher know the ins and outs of your child. Make sure you
highlight any specific guidelines
for your child, and also make the teacher aware.

*It is important that if your child is 5 years or younger that
they are personally escorted to and from Children's Church and/or Sunday
School. Only persons on each child's pre-approved pickup list are allowed to
pick up your child from any class.

*It is not necessary to come back between classes if your child
is staying for Sunday School. The Sunday School teacher will relieve the
Children's Church teacher during transition time so that little distraction


Ages 2-3 OLD CHAPEL                                      

 Little Ones is for our little learners. They are ready to start
learning about Jesus, but not ready to sit still long enough to do so.
Therefore, this class is structured to teach Bible stories through music, story
time, puppets, craft, and play. Little Ones are provided snacks and bathroom breaks
during this time as well!




 Our 4-year-olds through 5th graders
are eager to learn about Jesus and find out his truths through Bible lessons,
music, craft and games. This class is focused on teaching Bible truths that
will aid the children as they grow in Christ. Active games are also implemented
into the schedule.